Big data sharing cloud service system construction logic

  • Industry expansion

    Continue to supplement and improve, keep up with the development of the industry, expand the research field and data services

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  • Powerful and flexible

    Application of advanced big data technology to meet the needs of big data upgrading, iteration and diversification

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  • Comprehensive and systematic

    Collect China and the world's metal data industry chain information

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  • Deep mining

    Metals industry-wide, across metal, across space, financial derivatives, futures and spot correlation, industrial chain changes

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  • Friendly and intuitive

    Visualization charts, geospatial information and big data services, providing convenient and concise data browsing, analysis applications, data mirroring and so on

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  • Professional and scientific

    Carry out multi-dimensional scientific classification of massive data to establish metal metadata specifications

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Research Report by Metal

Database by Type

Basic Databases

  • Price Database

    Providing high-quality underlying data for metal price
    charts, price research and market analysis

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  • Statistics Database

    Provide visual chart analysis, download and export of all
    historical data and other functions

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  • Import and Export Database

    Provide visual chart, download and export import and
    export data for each product by country and province

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Thematic Databases

  • Industry Chain Database

    Collect data and information of all products in the whole
    industrial chain

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  • lmport and Export Average Price Database

    Record all kinds of import and export prices of various
    metal products annually and monthly by HS code

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  • Resource Database

    Collect the data of all kinds of metal resources compre-
    hensively, including: reserves, production, etc

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Big Data Sharing Cloud Service System

On the basis of many years of industry big data construction and service, CBC Re-
search Institute has developed and created: aiming to describe the metal big data
industry economy in a multi-dimensional, systematic and professional definition
Data system construction ideas: Based on massive data: systematic collection, stan-
dardized analysis, orderly management, efficient application, diversified services.

  • 01. First-hand research

    Professional research work, real and reliable data

  • 02. Provided by the enterprise

    Many head enterprises, strategic partnerships

  • 03. Data collection

    Authoritative data organization, continuous monitoring

  • 04. Data integration

    Data analysis and integration to obtain new data

CBC Database Features

  • Professional metal database

    Full coverage of the whole industry chain industry data: first-level, second-level, different index

  • Comprehensive metal information

    More than 50 metals, more than 10 topics and types, structural and non-structural data

  • Underlying data resource

    The lithium database contains 138 first-level data

  • High update frequency

    Price database is updated daily.other databases are kept up to date rapidly

  • High applicability

    Query; supply and marketing; Industry new entry; trend prediction; research report writing, etc.

Industry Solutions

Database Service Process

  • Contact customer service

    Call customer service to learn about CBC database services
  • Put forward demand

    The customer proposes the data requirements
  • Project evaluation

    Data development engineers analyze the proposed requirements
  • Data integration

    Submits the requirements table and provides sample data
  • Achievement delivery

    Data consultants deliver data achievements to cients for use
  • We can also provide more database services.
  • Packet (synchronous update)

    Package and sent existing database, and updated simultaneously
  • API services

    Annual data transfer service to provide stable and reliable data transmission
  • Data query

    Provide specific data query services to meet every small need
  • Data report

    Develop data reports based on client requirements
  • Database development

    Key customer database devel- opment, providing high fit database support services
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Customer Cooperation Case

Total cooperation exceeded 10000+

Database Customization Service

  • All databases cooperation

    API interface, database development, database query service

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  • Single database cooperation

    Database processing and customization

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  • Single database cooperation

    Database planning and deployment

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  • Single database cooperation

    Big data mining and digital model architecture services

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