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Focus on metal; Build an authoritative portal of industry

CBC Metal is dedicated to building a comprehensive and authoritative metal information platform. Based on the concept of objective, fair, just, comprehensive and professional, it gathers domestic outstanding experts and scholars to provide all-round data information services for industry research and practitioners, and provides strategic support for industry decision-making, industry development, etc. It is a famous metal information portal in China.

Our company's main business: metal industry information services, company information consulting, industry research, company competitiveness research, investment strategy development research, product trade, matchmaking services, etc.

Construction: 54 categories of non-ferrous metals, more than 10 categories of metal industry chain system, including 6 base metals, 29 categories of minor metals, 8 precious metals, new materials for lithium battery, new ceramics, refractory industry, photoelectric materials industry chain, rare earth industry, ferroalloy industry chain, stainless steel industry chain and other professional information service platforms.

Each platform is equipped with corresponding Research Institute and Data Center for the support of the metal content, the personalized needs of members and the continuous professional research.

With a wide range of customer services, the market share of financial investment, industry research, big data construction institutions, and business strategy research institutions is relatively high. Major domestic and foreign large-scale metal production and processing companies have become website members. Meanwhile, downstream users, trade services and other company organization members are also increasing.

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