• CBC Metal API Service System

  • CBC conducts independent data system construction for its sub-networks and sub-industry chain platforms; comprehensive construction, standardized sorting, professional classification, and complete interpretation, provide the metal industry with the best data for application and docking of different demand units!

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  • Professional analyst team First-hand research
    True and accurate information Reliable data source

  • Real-time tracking of core value data
    Research material development and industry trend

  • Equipped with research institutes
    Authoritative professional API architecture and data

API Service System

CBC Metal is a professional and systematic metal industry chain and supply chain in-depth research and information agency in China

  • API Service System Introduction

    Provide the metal industry with the best data for application and docking of different demand units!

  • Data Architecture Layout

    Build API data interface, high query
    efficiency,realize data interface technology
    connection through technology

  • One-time Data Indicator Import

    Data classification, historical data, and data
    indicators can be imported at one time

  • Massive Historical Data

    Data center institute is committed to compre-
    hensive data construction

  • Real-time Daily Update

    Can achieve no manual intervention, data
    synchronization update release

Multi-products and all Fields

Analysis and hierarchical classification of the metal materials industry chain by product, indicator, region, and other dimensions

  • 54 Categories Metal Network

  • More than 10 Types of Metal Industry Chain

  • Price Database

  • Statistics Database

  • Import & Export Database

Six big data advantages

Flexible and multi-dimensional query methods help you easily target data. Data visualization perfectly display the relationship between data

Real-time tracking Timely update

Real-time tracking of each indicator source
and timely update of included data

Flexible query Fast locking

Flexible data query method, easy to lock
the target data

Data into graphs Perfect interpretation

Data visualization display, perfect display of
data relationships

Comprehensive data

Analysis and classification of each
dimension of the metal materials industry

Real and accurate data resource

Analyst research department, real-time
monitoring of all kinds of relevant

Historical time, massive data

Comprehensive data construction, long
history of data collection and release

Sample API Information Interface

According to the return parameters and classification of CBC published prices, Based on each type of price,can develop separate API interfaces for data query

  • Sample API for regional price data interface
  • Sample API information of price database
  • Sample API information of statistics database
  • Sample API information of import/export database

System-wide data construction

Based on industry research, industry big data, and enterprise organization information monitoring, Extend the ability professional services

Scientific and hierarchical business sector construction

We are a vertical professional platform that focuses and comprehensive and systematic metal material industry and industry chain, trade chain, and supply chain information services

—— API data service

Massive attention to customers and diversified information needs

Over the past ten years of operation, through domestic and international multi-demand customer service, casting and accumulating very professional service experience and service team

—— API data service

Scientific system product information architecture

professional, systematic, scientific and systematically reflecting data information. From a professional perspective, analyze and classify the metal materials industry chain

—— API data service

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Build a professional service environment with partners

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