Tirupati strengthens team with the appointment of graphene specialists

CBC Metal Time:Mar 26, 2021 18:20 Source:MINING WEEKLY

Specialist graphite producer and graphene developer Tirupati Graphite has further strengthened its team across three business units to support its growth.

It has appointed scientist and technocrat specialising in the fields of graphene and mineral processing technology Dr SK Biswal as head of the Tirupati Graphene and Mintech Research Centre (TGMRC), in India.

The TGMRC is focused on becoming a leading graphene manufacturer, developing its applications and giving Tirupati its technological backbone.

Tirupati has also hired graphene engineering science specialist Dr P Dash, as well as hired Dr SK Sathpathy as advisers, with a focus on the application of graphene in aluminium manufacturing smelters and graphene aluminium composites development. 

The appointees join the more than 30 engineers, geologists, technologists and specially trained technicians appointed in recent months across all three of Tirupati's business units.

In addition to the TGMRC, the company also owns flake graphite mining projects in Madagascar and specialty graphite development projects in India.

"It has been a great joy for me to become acquainted with industry personalities over the years who share a common passion in graphite and graphene, green technologies and waste to wealth creation. We share a common belief that, as responsible global citizens, we owe it to the environments in which we operate to contribute towards a greener globe and garner this as an opportunity for value creation.  

"I feel honoured to add such impactful scientists and technology intellects to the Tirupati team, and strongly believe that they are our biggest asset," comments Tirupati CEO Shishir Poddar.

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